Paul Brannigan

Paul Brannigan Biography:


Date of Birth: September 14, 1986

Paul Brannigan grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. With drug addicts for parents, he had a rough childhood and was involved with gangs, alcohol and drugs. He spent time in juvenile detention and was homeless for a time.

However, he turned his life around and was working at a community center when he met screenwriter Paul Laverty. Laverty wanted him to audition for Ken Loach, who was directing his screenplay The Angels' Share. Brannigan at first had no interest, but when he lost his job, he decided he had nothing to lose.

Not having had any training as an actor, he relied solely on his instinct and feelings. His experience in life was similar to that what the character in the movie had gone through, and that helped him find the right emotions. He received several callbacks before getting the lead role as Robbie.

Having struggled through numerous jobs in his life, none of which he felt gave him purpose, Brannigan was surprised to find he was eager each day to begin work on the film. For his performance, he won a BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Actor and a Creative Scotland Award for Rising Star. He's since played a role in another feature, Under the Skin, starring Scarlett Johansson, as well as a short film.

Brannigan lives with his fiancée, Sheree Coutts, and their son, Leon.


Under the Skin (2013)
The Angels' Share (2013)
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