Matthew Espinosa

Matthew Espinosa Biography:


Date of Birth: July 7, 1992

Born in Alexandria, Virginia, Matthew Espinosa was raised in Woodbridge, Virginia. He began making and editing videos when he was just seven years of age.

When Matthew was 14, a friend suggested he try doing some videos on a new app called Vine, because he knew Matthew's talent for comedy. Matthew reluctantly agreed, and when one of his Vine videos was promoted on a Twitter account called Best Vines, his numbers blew up. He soon found himself with 6.3 million followers on Vine, 5 million Instagram followers, 3.75 million Twitter followers, and over 2 million followers on his YouTube Channel.

When he made an appearance for a Meet and Greet at a local mall in Virginia in September 2013, so many people showed up that police had to be called in to manage the crowds.

In 2015, Matthew was asked if he would like to appear in a movie. He was so enthusiastic and interested that he also earned a title as executive producer. Along with his team, he chose the script, the cast and the music. Titled Be Somebody (2016), the movie, which released in the States on June 10, 2016, is about a teen pop star named Jordan Jaye, played by Matthew, who is disillusioned with fame. When he's accidentally left behind in a small town by his tour bus, he jumps at the chance to live the life of a regular teen for a day.

In his spare time, Matthew loves being outside, going to the beach, snowboarding, playing X-Box, listening to music and watching movies.


Be Somebody (2016)
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