Rachel Shenton

Rachel Shenton Biography:

Rachel Shenton

Date of Birth: December 21, 1987

Born in Northern England in Stoke-on-Trent, Rachel Shenton is known for playing Lily Summers on the last two seasons of the American TV series Switched at Birth, about a red-haired deaf girl who was switched at birth and was raised by a working-class Hispanic single mother, while another girl was raised by her two wealthy WASP parents.

When Rachel was 12, her father went deaf due to chemotherapy treatments for cancer during the last years of his life. She learned American Sign Language and has been a vocal advocate for deaf causes and charities ever since, including the National Deaf Children's Society and Action on Hearing Loss.

In 2018, Rachel was nominated for an Oscar for the short film The Silent Girl, for which she wrote the screenplay and also played a starring role.

The Silent Child (2017)
The Hand of the Creator (2016)
Money Kills (2012)
Blood and Bone China (2012)

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