Chase Stokes

Chase Stokes Biography:

Born in Annapolis, Maryland, Chase Stokes spent most of his childhood in South Florida. He graduated high school in 2010 and went on to earn an Association of Arts degree from Valencia College two years later. In 2015, he earned his MBA from the University of Central Florida.

Because he grew up so close to the water, Chase regularly surfed and went boating. Now that he’s older, he has a number of hobbies, including poetry and music. He used to want to be a professional ice hockey player but changed his mind after getting injured.

Chase also has a passion for acting. Shortly after graduation, he made his sceen debut as Captain Charles Whitaker in the 2015 short film Lost Island. A year later, he had a brief role on the first season of the Netflix series Stranger Things. He later made his feature film debut in the indie Between Waves (2018). 

He is best known for his breakthrough role on the 2020 Netflix series Outer Banks, on which he plays John B. Stokes. He originally turned down the role when he was asked to audition in 2019, because he thought it was a remake of The Goonies. He only reconsidered when he was given the full script months later.

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