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Date of Birth: 1964

British born director Peter Cattaneo graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1989. During his time at college, he gained hands-on experience working on a music video, which won a Sony Promo Award, a commercial for Miller Lite and the award-winning and Oscar nominated live action short, Dear Rosie (1990).

Following his successful projects in college, he moved on to directing two different television series—Teenage Health Freak and The Full Wax—while continuing his work on commercials.

After directing the telefilm Loved Up (1996), Cattaneo made an auspicious feature debut with The Full Monty (1997), an endearingly offbeat look at how far unemployed steel workers will go to make money - up to and including dancing naked for women. Starring Robert Carlyle, the film became a worldwide hit earning awards from festivals across the globe and yet another Academy Award nomination for Cattaneo.

It took four years before finding another script worth following up on his unexpected success. The script chosen, Lucky Break (2002), retained the fish-out-of-water theme similar to that of The Full Monty. It focused on inmates putting on an amateur play for the warden. Cattaneo also directed the Australian family film Opal Dream (2005), and the American comedy, The Rocker (2008). Most recently, he directed three episodes of the television series Flack (2019), and the comedy drama film Military Wives (2019).


Military Wives (2019)
Flack (2019)
The Rocker (2008)
Opal Dream (2005)
Lucky Break (2002)
The Full Monty (1997)
Dear Rosie (1990)
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