Balloon Man

  • Genre: Documentary, Biography

  • Director: Chantal Potter
  • Producer(s): Bill Costen, Brandon Potter, Capella Fahoome, Chantal Potter, Michael Taylor
  • Writer(s): Chantal Potter
  • Studio: Gravitas Ventures
  • Length: 1h 40m


Bill Costen was a talented athlete, and a former Buffalo Bills player. But when tragedy ended his career as a professional football player, he turned to the skies, becoming the first African-American Hot-Air Balloon Master Pilot ever.

We get to see how a man who was talented on his feet made the transition to the sky. We learn more about his career as a master pilot and meet his fellow hot-air balloon pilots that helped him on his transition from professional football. His story is told by his daughter, award-winning filmmaker Chantel Potter.


Bill Costen, Chantal Potter, Joe Kittinger, Tony Rossotto, Beverly Theodore, Jarrell Costen, John Beasley
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