Cat People (Netflix) Affiche de film

Cat People (Netflix)

  • Genre: Documentary, Television

  • Director: Don Argott, Donal Mosher, Ivan Kovac, Michael Palmieri, Neil Berkeley, Sandi Tan, Sheena M. Joyce
  • Producer(s): Glen Zipper, Kevin Lincoln, Sandi Tan, Sean Stuart
  • Writer(s): Glen Zipper
  • Studio: Netflix
  • Length: 23m
  • Official Site:


In this series from Glen Zipper, the creator of the Netflix series Dogs, we get six episodes devoted to cats and the people who love them. From a rapper whose love for cats inspired him to share his feelings in his songs, to a Japanese artist who creates personalized, lifelike cat faces in frames, to a couple who run a sanctuary in Greece for feral cats and then adopt them out all over the world, this series takes a look at all kinds of cat lovers and their adorable felines.  

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