Copilot (Die Frau des Piloten) Affiche de film

Copilot (Die Frau des Piloten)

  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Anne Berrached
  • Writer(s): Anne Berrached, Stefanie Misrahi
  • Length: 1h 58m


When sharp science student Asli meets charismatic Saeed in the mid 90's, it's love at first sight. The lovers marry, and Asli swears to be true to Saeed and never betray his secrets. Their future looks bright, but as the twenty-first century dawns, Saeed makes a decision that will not only shatter Asli's dreams, but shake the whole world to the core.


Ozay Fecht, Canan Kir, Roger Azar, Jana Roth, Ceci Chuh, Nicolas Chaoui
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