Mar3y El Breemo Affiche de film

Mar3y El Breemo

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Writer(s): Ehab Blebel, Mohammad Henidy
  • Length: 1h 55m | Classification: G


Marei is a watermelon merchant who is married to his impulsive wife Gamalat. His grandfather sends men to kidnap him and take him to upper Egypt, where Marei discovers that he is the worthy heir of a large fortune of diamonds. In order to hide his inheritance from his greedy brothers-in-law, Marei decides to hide the diamonds in the belly of two watermelons.

Upon waking up the next morning, Marei enters into a state of shock when he discovers that Gamalat had sold his two precious watermelons! Will these melons be saved?


Mohamed Mahmoud, Mohamed Henedi
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