Morgue Affiche de film


  • Genre: Horror, Thriller

  • Director: Hugo Cardozo
  • Producer(s): Hugo Cardozo
  • Writer(s): Hugo Cardozo
  • Studio: Well Go USA Entertainment
  • Length: 1h 21m
  • Official Site:


After a harrowing accident, the perpetually down-on-his-luck Diego Martinez accepts a gig as a security guard at the local morgue. He thought he’d had a lucky break, but as the night wears on, eerie occurrences and the suddenly not-quite-lifeless body of the victim leave him to wonder: how much otherworldly rage does it take to wake the dead?


Pablo Martínez, María del Mar Fernández, Willi Villalba, Abel Martínez, Dr. Aldo Von Knobloch, Raúl Rotela, Francisco Ayala
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