A Father's Legacy Affiche de film

A Father's Legacy

  • Genre: Other

  • Producer(s): John Lerchen
  • Writer(s): Jason Mac
  • Length: 1h 30m


On the run from the law, a young man searching for his father forces his way into the life of a secluded old man in the woods. As the days pass and the secrets about their past are revealed, they learn that they might not have been looking for each other - but they may have been brought together for a reason.

The event features a conversation with director/star Jason Mac and Pastor Brannon Shortt from Bayside Church about the importance of fatherhood, how the choices you make have consequences and additional key takeaways from the film.


Tobin Bell, Gregory Williams, Isaiah Stratton, Jason Mac, Rebeca Robles, Michael Milligan, Kurt Yue, Josh Henry
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