America You Kill Me Affiche de film

America You Kill Me

  • Genre: Documentary


AMERICA YOU KILL ME is a feature-length documentary on the impact of a gay rights warrior and the ongoing struggle for equality in the midwest. When his lover was murdered in 1985, and police refused to investigate 'just another gay killing', Jeffrey Montgomery became a man with a mission.

From Detroit, far from the liberal coasts, he co-founded and led what became the 4th largest statewide LGBT organization of it's kind in the nation, affecting countless lives and putting pressure on politicians, police, and the media. After 17 years of fierce advocacy, he mysteriously retired, with health in decline but a radical voice intact.

His story emerges from interviews given in the last years of his life, alongside the voices of fellow activists, politicians, and others who were inspired, persuaded, or enraged by his uncompromising leadership.

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