Anote's Ark

L'arche d'Anote (v.o.a.s.-t.f.)

  • Release Date: June 1, 2018 (limited)
  • Genre: Documentary

  • Writer(s): Matthieu Rytz
  • Studio: EyeSteelFilm
  • Length: 1h 17m | Classification: G
Read in French


Lost in the Pacific Ocean, the Kiribati Islands are composed of 32 atolls and the solitary coral island of Banaba. With two small uninhabited islets having already disappeared underwater, the 110,000 or so inhabitants live under the threat of being engulfed by the rise of the level of the oceans, due in part to devastating cyclones.

Anote Tong, president of this republic of three archipelagos founded in 1979, has studied all possible scenarios of relocation of the population, including the most futuristic. From Japan to Paris to New York, the statesman is stepping up his negotiations with international leaders to convince them — without much hope – to act before it's too late.

But the population seems resigned, as seen by the experience of a young mother who has moved to New Zealand.

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