Back to Burgundy

Retour en Bourgogne

  • Release Date: September 29, 2017 (limited)
  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Cédric Klapisch
  • Producer(s): Bruno Levy, Cédric Klapisch
  • Writer(s): Cédric Klapisch, Santiago Amigorena, Jean-Marc Roulot
  • Studio: MK2 | Mile End
  • Length: 1h 54m | Classification: G
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Upon learning that his father is dying, Jean, a viticulturist who lives in Australia, returns to his native Burgundy, where he left after a clash ten years earlier. He’s warmly welcomed by his sister Juliette, but not so much by his younger brother Jeremy, who still resents Jean for not coming to their mother’s funeral five years earlier. When their father dies soon after Jean’s arrival, the three children learn he has bequeathed the family vineyard and the undivided property to all three of them. Jean wants to sell his share in order to repay his debts, then return to Australia to his wife and children. To complicate things, the exorbitant inheritance rights force the heirs to make heartbreaking choices. But first, the harvest must begin. Juliette, the head of the estate, struggles to get respect from her seasonal employees. For his part, Jeremy seems unable to stand up to his father-in-law, a wealthy man who seeks to profit from the financial difficulties of the bereaved clan.


Pio Marmaï, Ana Girardot, François Civil, Jean-Marc Roulot, María Valverde
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