Black Sai Affiche de film

Black Sai

  • Genre: Action


Young Marissa Vasquez is tragically orphaned when two men break into her home and gun down her family. She is immediately filled with feelings of revenge and questions. Who are these mean that broke into their home and who sent them?

Why did someone want her and her family dead? She knows there are answers to be found, but she needs to prepare for the fight of her life.

That's where Rick Warner comes in, martial arts trainer and owner of "Rick's Dojo," who helps set her on the path to becoming the Black Sai. Marissa grows to be a strong force of nature, but there's just one thing that can get in the way of her reaching what she thinks is her ultimate goal; her emotions.

Can she control her rage and her vengeance enough to find her family's killer?


Dean Deck
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