Blue Iguana Affiche de film

Blue Iguana

  • Genre: Comedy, Thriller

  • Director: Hadi Hajaig
  • Producer(s): Hadi Hajaig, Tom Lassally
  • Writer(s): Hadi Hajaig
  • Studio: VVS Films
  • Length: 1h 40m


Eddie (Sam Rockwell) and Paul (Ben Schwartz) are ex-cons working in a diner in New York City when they're approached by British lawyer Katherine Rookwood (Phoebe Fox). Knowing their criminal past, she asks the two men to steal a backpack containing a rare diamond called Blue Iguana at London’s Natural History Museum.

Eddie and Paul agree, and violating their parole, they leave for London to pull off the job. However, they soon find themselves in over their heads when things go very wrong and they get mixed up with a crime boss (Peter Polycarpou) and his psychopathic, mullet-haired henchman Deacon (Peter Ferdinando).


Sam Rockwell, Ben Schwartz, Phoebe Fox, Peter Ferdinando, Peter Polycarpou, Simon Callow
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