Bus Stop

  • Release Date: January 1, 2001
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

  • Director: Joshua Logan
  • Producer(s): Buddy Adler
  • Writer(s): George Axelrod
  • Length: 1h 36m


In this cinemadaptation of William Inge's Broadway comedy Bus Stop, Marilyn Monroe is cast as Cherie, a fifth-rate nightclub chanteuse who captures the heart of Montana rodeo champ Bo (Don Murray). He, in turn, kidnaps Cherie and bundles her off to the roadside bus stop of the title.

Gradually, the headstrong Bo learns that you can't rope a gal the same way you lasso a steer, but before this happens his face is rearranged by gallant bus driver Carl (Robert Bray). By this time, however, Cherie has fallen in love with her impulsive but basically good-hearted abductor.

Others in the cast include Arthur O'Connell as Bo's level-headed travelling companion and protector Virgil, Betty Field as down-to-earth bus stop proprietress Grace, and Eileen Heckart as Cherie's confidante Vera. The film later inspired a 1961 TV series. A few TV prints of Bus Stop still exist bearing the alternate title Wrong Kind of Girl.


Marilyn Monroe, Hans Conried, Betty Field, Casey Adams, Greta Thyssen, Henry Slate, Arthur O'Connell, Eileen Heckart, Don Murray
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