Confidential Assignment 2: International Affiche de film

Confidential Assignment 2: International

  • Genre: Action, Comedy

  • Director: Lee Suk-hoon
  • Length: 2h 09m


In order to bring down an international criminal organization that is hiding in South Korea, elite North Korean detective Lim Cheol ryung (HYUN Bin) is dispatched to the South , while South Korean detective Kang Jin tae (YOO Hai Jin) is sent to Cyber Crimes unit when an undercover operation goes South.

He's desperate to return to his old team when he's given a special detail with Cheol ryung once more. As Min-young's heart is reignited to see Cheol ryung again, he and Jin tae proceed to work together despite being suspicious of each other's motives.

Just as they're about to raid the criminal organization's leader, JANG Myung jun (JIN Sun Kyu)'s hideout, FBI agent Jack (Daniel HENNEY) bursts in!


Yoo Hae-jin, Daniel Henney, Jin Seon-kyu, Hyun-bin , Im Ah
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