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Jusqu'à la garde

  • Release Date: April 27, 2018 (limited)
  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Xavier Legrand
  • Producer(s): Alexandre Gavras
  • Writer(s): Xavier Legrand
  • Studio: AZ Films
  • Length: 1h 33m | Classification: 13+
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In a dark courthouse office, a judge listens as lawyers detail the conditions surrounding the divorce of the Bessons. Accusing her husband of violence not only against her but their almost 18-year-old daughter Josephine, Miriam Besson wants only one thing, to get sole custody of Julien, their fragile 11-year-old son.

Antoine Besson, a gruff and taciturn man, denies these allegations. The judge decides to give Antoine the benefit of the doubt and grants him the right to visit Julien every two weeks. Antoine then uses Julien to stay in touch with Miriam, who has moved into a new apartment with Josephine.


Léa Drucker, Denis Ménochet, Thomas Gioria, Mathilde Auneveux, Mathieu Saikaly, Florence Janas
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