Dave Hollis: Built Through Courage Affiche de film

Dave Hollis: Built Through Courage

  • Genre: Other


Join Dave Hollis for a "national book club" event following the release of his book: Built Through Courage. He takes the inspirations and conversations from the book and brings them to life on the big screen. He'll tell the story of the change he chose when he left Disney and the change that chose him when his marriage ended.

You'll also hear from people in the book or who inspired Dave's journey in real life. Dave has conversations with Brendon Burchard, Heidi Powell, Jay Shetty, Mel Robbins, Grandma Lee, Maria Menounos, Tom Bilyeu, Annie Downs, Carlos Whittaker, Glo Atanmo, Jon Acuff, Jamie Kern Lima, Trent Shelton, Dave Barnes, and the Hollis kiddos.

His friends and family weave in their experience, expertise, and influence in Dave's life to bring you a story of courage.

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