Diary of a Future President (Disney+)

  • Genre: Comedy, Family, Television

  • Director: Angela C. Tortu, Gina Rodriguez
  • Writer(s): Ilana Peña, LaDarian Smith, Brigitte Liebowitz
  • Studio: Disney+


In the future, Presidential candidate Elena Cañero Reed (Gina Rodriguez) revisits the diary she began writing at the age of 12, recounting her daily life on the road that led her to her current position. She writes about her mother, her older brother and her best friend Sasha (Carmina Garay).

We go back to see Elena (Tess Romero) as 12, she her life takes a turn for the unexpected as her mother begins dating Sam Faber (Michael Weaver). With a changing dynamic during her "tumultuous" middle school years, young Elena faces a number of challenges that will help test her in many ways, but she won't have to do it alone.


Tess Romero, Charlie Bushnell, Selenis Leyva, Michael Weaver
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