Euphoria Affiche de film


  • Genre: Drama, Romance


A romantic triangle leads to both joy and sorrow in this drama, the first feature film from celebrated Russian stage director Ivan Vyrypaev. Pavel (Maxim Ushakov) is a goat rancher who has fallen in love with beautiful Vera (Polina Agureeva) from afar.

While at first Vera has no idea who Pavel is or what he wants, as he shouts his words of love to her from the other side of a deep chasm that separates their property, she begins to fall for him as well. However, Vera happens to have a husband, Valery (Mikhail Okunev), and a daughter, Masha (Yaroslavna Serova), and isn't prepared to leave them behind.

As Pavel and Vera become lovers, Valery initially ignores his wife's infidelity, but before long their relationship is too brazen to overlook, and he plots revenge against the couple. Rich with impressionistic visual set pieces, Euphoria premiered at the 2006 Open Russian Film Festival.

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