Fast and Furious: Diesel Refueled & Die Hard: Reborn Affiche de film

Fast and Furious: Diesel Refueled & Die Hard: Reborn

  • Release Date: October 22, 2023 (limited)
  • Genre: Action, Comedy

  • Director: Julian Koehler-Lees, Jacob Koehler-Lees


Local filmmaker Julian Koehler-Lees debuts two hilarious parody short films.

Fast and the Furious: Diesel Refueled is a parody of the Fast and the Furious films. With jokes coming at you a mile a minute, and a feeling like literally anything could happen next, this is a WILD ride of a film. Vin Diesel has lived a fast and furious life of cars, partying and women until he finds out one day that he has a son who was stolen as a baby by an evil witch/fortune teller. When she conjures an ancient demon's spirit into Vin's brother's body, a race for the survival of humanity must occur. Buckle up, mi familia!

Die Hard: Reborn is a parody of the Die Hard films. New York City policeman John McClain, along with his beloved pet pug Rocky, is attending his wife's holiday office party at the bank that she works for. But the festivities are interrupted by a group of terrorists run lead by a suave, flamboyant German criminal named Hans Gruber. John quickly realizes that he may be the only one capable of saving the hostages, his wife, and most importantly -- his pug! It's gonna be a RUFF night! A dirty, action filled bloodbath ensues in this blockbuster comedy event!

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