Happy Cleaners

  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Julian Kim, Peter S. Lee
  • Producer(s): HJ Lee, Julian Kim, Kat Kim, Peter S. Lee, Theresa Choh-Lee
  • Writer(s): Julian Kim, Kat Kim, Peter S. Lee
  • Studio: Anerke
  • Length: 1h 38m
  • Le Score Rotten Tomatoes®
    Tomatometer 100%


The Chois are a typical immigrant family looking to achieve their American dream in Flushing Queen, New York. However, after 17 years of running the Happy Cleaners dry cleaning business, it is at risk of going out of business. Not only is their dry cleaning business the main source of their family income, but also the symbol of their American dream, and its potential loss throws the family into disarray as conflicts between the parents and children are heightened.

Hyunny (Yeena Sung), the elder sibling, helps the family out with finances in rent and bills working as a nurse, while Kevin (Yun Jeong) remains an unorthodox young adult still looking to find his way in life. While the children have done their best to live up to their parents' expectations, both Hyunny and Kevin struggle to reconcile their inability to follow their parents' blueprints for their lives, which would have had them become doctors.

As the family works to save the business we get a peek into their lives and the relationships they have with friends and family.


Charles Ryu, Hyanghwa Lim, Yun Jeong, Yeena Sung
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