I Am Not A Witch Affiche de film

I Am Not A Witch

  • Genre: Drama


When eight-year-old Shula turns up alone and unannounced in a rural Zambian village, the locals are suspicious. A minor incident escalates to a full-blown witch trial, where she is found guilty and sentenced to life on a state-run witch camp.

There, she is tethered to a long white ribbon and told that if she ever tries to run away, she will be transformed into a goat. As the days pass, Shula begins to settle into her new community, but a threat looms on the horizon.

Soon she is forced to make a difficult decision - whether to resign herself to life on the camp, or take a risk for freedom.Read more at https://www.curzonartificialeye.com/i-am-not-a-witch/#8jEAHv1cWzY1BrZe.99

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