Jealous Affiche de film



  • Release Date: March 25, 2011 (limited)
  • Genre: Thriller

  • Director: Patrick Demers
  • Producer(s): Cédric Bourdeau, Stéphane Tanguay
  • Writer(s): Patrick Demers, Sophie Cadieux, Maxime Denommée, Benôit Gouin
  • Studio: Les Films Séville
  • Length: 1h 35m
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Jean Messier is teetering on the brink. During a torrential downpour, his car plunges deep into the forest. Things are tense Thomas and Marianne. In a last-ditch attempt to salvage their relationship, Thomas borrows his uncle's cabin for a weekend in the country. There, they meet Ben, a neighbour, and start hanging out with him.

Unfortunately, the weekend doesn't have the desired effect. Absorbed in their own squabbles, the couple fails to notice that Ben is not who he says he is. His real name: Jean Messier, and he isn't Uncle Michel's neighbor...

Who is he? What does he want? When the weekend is over, Thomas and Marianne head home sharing a dark secret.


Maxime Denommée, Sophie Cadieux, Benoît Gouin
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