King Dave

King Dave (v.o.f.)

  • Release Date: July 15, 2016
  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Podz
  • Producer(s): Nicole Robert
  • Writer(s): Alexandre Goyette
  • Studio: Les Films Séville
  • Length: 1h 40m
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Underneath his tough guy exterior and bravado, Dave is a scared young man. But he's clever and persistent. When Dave attends a party, he ends up making the acquaintance of the leader of a street gang.

He’s immediately enlisted in the gang and as initiation, has to steal radios from luxury cars. However, when a gang member flirts with Dave’s girlfriend, Dave decides to meet this dangerous man alone at night in a park to settle the score.


Alexandre Goyette, Karelle Tremblay, Mylène St-Sauveur, Kerry St-Éloy, Philippe Boutin, Moe Jeudy Lamour, Micheline Bernard, Élie Stuart, Jean-François Beaupré, Lise Roy
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