Labor Day

C'est la vie

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Director: Julien Rambaldi
  • Producer(s): Eric Juhérian
  • Writer(s): Thomas Perrier, Julien Rambaldi
  • Studio: K-Films Amérique
  • Length: 1h 39m
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Dominique, an experienced midwife, is retiring tomorrow. Today, she has to deal with the whims of Dr. Moretti, an arrogant young obstetrician. Both of them have a busy day that consists of five women with very different backgrounds and stories preparing to give birth: a senior government official who must urgently negotiate a tripartite agreement for the launch of a rocket; a young woman whose mother died giving birth to her in circumstances similar to hers; a wife who alienates her husband by following the prenatal advice of an intrusive mother; a lesbian couple who have an unexpected visit from the improbable parent of their baby; and finally, a single mother who is carrying a child conceived during a mad night of passion.


Josiane Balasko, Léa Drucker, Youssef Hajdi, Nicolas Maury, Florence Loiret-Caille, David Marsais, Julia Piaton, Alice Pol
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