Les lettres de ma mère

Les lettres de ma mère

  • Release Date: March 16, 2018 (limited)
  • Genre: Documentary

  • Director: Serge Giguère
  • Producer(s): Amélie Lambert Bouchard, Sylvie Van Brabant
  • Writer(s): Serge Giguère
  • Studio: Rapide-Blanc Distribution
  • Length: 1h 26m
Read in French


From the end of the Second World War and through to the sixties, Mrs. Hector Giguère sent more than 120 letters to Henri, the eldest of her 16 children, who went to Ottawa to study for the priesthood. A voice-over reading of this correspondence allows filmmaker Serge Giguère, 15th of the siblings, to paint a portrait of his modest working class Arthabaska family and pay tribute to his mother, a well-loved woman whose only appearance on film was in 1975, when Serge recorded a family reunion.

Key moments in the clan's history are also illustrated through archival materials, personal memorabilia and talks with the director's brothers and sisters.

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