Lila's Book (El libro de Lila) Affiche de film

Lila's Book (El libro de Lila)

  • Genre: Animation, Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Lila is the character in a book who suddenly falls outside of her paper world and is trapped in another world to which she does not belong. This is how this great adventure begins, where Lila will understand that only Ramón, the child who years ago used to read it, can save her.

But it will not be an easy task, Ramón is not the same as before, he has grown up and has not only stopped reading but also believes in fantasy. It is then when Lila and her new friend Manuela will have to manage to convince him of what is happening and to undertake together a risky trip to El Olvido, a gloomy place where the book of Lila has fallen.

Throughout this adventure through magical worlds, children will discover the real value of friendship and the power of fantasy.

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