Little Voice (Apple TV+) Affiche de film

Little Voice (Apple TV+)

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Television

  • Director: Bart Freundlich, Cherien Dabis, Christopher Storer, Emma Westenberg, Jessie Nelson
  • Producer(s): Brad Carpenter, Jill Footlick
  • Writer(s): Meghan Kennedy, Jessie Nelson, Daniel Goldfarb
  • Studio: Apple TV+
  • Length: 30m


Bess King (Brittany O'Grady), a talented singer/musician/songwriter, doesn't have confidence in her own songs after a disastrous club appearance when she was heckled. She goes back to doing cover songs in public, but her friends try to convince her to believe in herself and give it another try.

Meanwhile, she works as a bartender in a club where others perform, and has to deal with her brother, who loves Broadway musicals so much that he escapes the group home where he lives with other mentally challenged adults to go and get an autograph from a performer he admires.

Featuring original music by Sara Bareilles, who co-created the series with Jessie Nelson.


Brittany O'Grady, Sean Teale, Shalini Bathina, Kevin Valdez, Phillip Johnson Richardson, Chuck Cooper, Colton Ryan
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