Los santos inocentes Affiche de film

Los santos inocentes

  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Mario Camus
  • Producer(s): Julián Mateos
  • Writer(s): Antonio Larreta, Manuel Matji, Mario Camus
  • Length: 1h 45m


In 1960s Spain, Paco (Alfredo Landa), his wife, Régula (Terele Pavez), and his brother-in-law Azarias (Francisco Rabal) work for slave wages on a large plantation. Paco, a brilliant hunter, tries to use his skills to win over his heartless employers, but his talents earn him little respect.

Meanwhile, after the aging Azarias loses his job, he is forced to move in with the Paco, Régula and their three kids, which further complicates the lives of this impoverished family.


Francisco Rabal, Alfredo Landa, Terele Pavez, Ágata Lys, Agustín González, Juan Diego
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