Meteor Street (Meteorstraße) Affiche de film

Meteor Street (Meteorstraße)


Holed up in a home with two dogs to feed and not a dime to spare, Mohammed and Lakhdar have few options in a town where work is hard to come by - and perhaps even harder for people of non-German origin.

Given that his older bro is erratic, irresponsible and possibly crazy, Mohammed has no choice but to hold down the fort, finding under-the-table employment at a nearby motorcycle garage.Yet as much as he tries to get ahead, the young man is forever weighed down by Lakhdar's behavior, as well as by the racist attitudes of some of the bikers, who are happy to exploit their Arab laborer but will never let him join their crew.

Eventually Mohammed strikes back in an act of desperation, and the aftershock pushes him further away from his family and adopted country toward parts unknown.

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