Momshies! Ang Soul Mo'y Akin! Affiche de film

Momshies! Ang Soul Mo'y Akin!

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Length: 1h 48m


When JOLENE, MYLENE and KARLENE meet, their lives did not just change, but their souls switched - LITERALLY! Leaving them with no choice but to stick together to live the peculiar lives of each other. Karlene has to convince a group of investors to invest in her near-bankrupt hotel, but no one believes her because she is trapped in Mylene's body.

Mylene can't pursue her Dubai application because she is trapped in Jolene's body. While, Jolene cannot continue her influencer career because her soul is inside Karlene's body. Between a series of misadventures & mishaps the trio is ought to figure out how to reverse this unfortunate event.

In the process, they drew closer to each other into becoming the soul sisters they are destined to be.


Jason Francisco
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