Mon cirque à moi

Mon cirque à moi (v.o.f.)

  • Release Date: August 14, 2020
  • Genre: Comedy

  • Director: Miryam Bouchard
  • Producer(s): Antonello Cozzolino
  • Writer(s): Martin Forget, Miryam Bouchard
  • Studio: Les Films Séville
  • Length: 1h 40m
Read in French


Now a teenager, Laura no longer enjoys touring with her father Bill, a professional acrobatic clown. She secretly dreams of going to a private school. To finance this project, Laura knows she can’t count on her father, who’s not only perpetually broke, but loves his bohemian lifestyle. Her only hope is to possibly use the money from her late mother's insurance policy. Her rebellion flies in the face of her father’s values, and Bill has a hard time accepting that his daughter is different from him


Patrick Huard, Jasmine Lemée, Robin Aubert, Sophie Lorain, Mathilde Boucher, Louise Latraverse, Jean Lapointe
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