Muppet Treasure Island Affiche de film

Muppet Treasure Island

  • Release Date: February 16, 1996
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family

  • Director: Brian Henson
  • Producer(s): Martin G. Baker
  • Writer(s): Jerry Juhl, Kirk Thatcher, James Hart
  • Length: 1h 39m
  • Le Score Rotten Tomatoes®
    Tomatometer 71% Audience Score 77%


Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of a young orphan who becomes involved with pirate Long John Silver is given the Muppet treatment in this vibrant children's musical. As in The Muppet Christmas Carol, the film stays loyal to the original storyline but casts the well-known puppets in many of the supporting roles.

Young Jim Hawkins remains human, as does Long John Silver, played by an amusingly exaggerated Tim Curry. However, Captain Smollet is played by the evergreen Kermit the Frog; Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and Rizzo the Rat serve as roving narrators; and numerous other Muppets assume smaller roles.

The familiar adventure plot is enlivened by the Muppets' good-natured, winking sense of humor, and a number of anarchic musical numbers are reminiscent of the original Muppet Show.

Long-time followers of the Muppets may find the film less fresh than Jim Henson's original creations, but the combination of old-fashioned storytelling, intriguing design, and clever humor will undoubtedly amuse younger audiences.


Steve Whitmire, Jennifer Saunders, Kevin Bishop, Billy Connolly, Tim Curry, Frank Oz, Danny Blackner
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