My Best Friend's Breakfast Affiche de film

My Best Friend's Breakfast

  • Genre: Drama


Xiang Weixin, a 17-year-old high school sophomore, regards eating as the most important and most healing thing in life. The first time she met senior Tao Youquan was at the school's welfare agency. At that time, Xiang Weixin lost 5 yuan and could not buy her favourite pineapple bread.

Tao Youquan made up the money for her, which made her feel deeply indebted to him. The next day she witnessed a scene by the school's swimming pool. Tao Youquan tried to break up with his cheating girlfriend but failed. Xiang Weixin used her best friend Fang Qiran as an excuse to help Tao Youquan break up successfully and to return the favour.

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