Once Upon a Time Affiche de film

Once Upon a Time

  • Genre: Drama, Romance

  • Studio: Alibaba Pictures Group
  • Length: 1h 49m


Bai Qian (Yifei Liu), a goddess and monarch from the Heavenly Realms was the disciple of Mo Yuan (Yang Yang) in her first life. Due to a devastating war, Mo Yuan's soul was destroyed while sealing the Demon Lord.

Seventy thousands years later Bai Qian is sent to the mortal realm to undergo a trial to become a High Goddess. There, she meets Ye Hua (Yang Yang) with whom she falls in love and marries. However, their love ends tragically. Years later, the two star-crossed lovers meet again as deities but all her memories have been erased at her request. Ye Hua, who is now a crown prince, gets a second chance at love with Bai Qian.

Based on the novel by Tang Qi.


Yang Yang, Yifei Liu
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