Outside the Wire (Netflix)

  • Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

  • Director: Mikael Håfström
  • Producer(s): Anthony Mackie, Ben Pugh, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Rory Aitken
  • Writer(s): Rob Yescombe, Rowan Athale
  • Studio: Netflix
  • Length: 1h 55m
  • Official Site: netflix.com/title/81074110


U.S. military drone pilot operator Harp (Damson Idris) is sent to a border regiment as a punishment for insubordination. He is chosen by commanding officer Captain Leo (Anthony Mackie), a prototype human/robot hybrid with super combat soldier abilities, because he feels Harp can think outside the box.

Harp joins Leo on a dangerous mission to prevent a nuclear war. But when Leo tells Harp he can't work with eyes on him and asks him to remove his tracker, Harp isn't sure anymore whether or not he can trust his new commanding officer.


Anthony Mackie, Damson Idris, Emily Beecham, Michael Kelly, Pilou Asbaek
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