Pete's Dragon Affiche de film

Pete's Dragon


Based on a story by Hollywood old-timers Seton I. Miller and S. S. Field, Pete's Dragon divides its time between its flesh-and-blood characters and an animated blue dragon. Pete (Sean Marshall), a lonely orphan boy in turn-of-the-century Maine, runs away from his abusive foster family. He stumbles upon a lovable dragon named Elliot, and the two become inseparable companions. Elliot is visible only to Pete, leading the townsfolk to assume that the boy is a trifle tetched. Pete finally finds happiness with his new family, lighthouse-keeper Lampie (Mickey Rooney) and his daughter Nora (Helen Reddy, who sings and sings). British comic actor Jim Dale co-stars as the wacky dentist Dr. Terminus.


Jim Dale, Jeff Conaway, Mickey Rooney, Red Buttons, Shelley Winters, Jim Backus, Ben Wrigley, Joe Ross, Robert Foulk, Walter Barnes, Helen Reddy, Gary Morgan, Sean Marshall, Jane Kean, Cal Bartlett, Robert Easton, Roger Price
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