Prank Affiche de film


Prank (v.o.f.)

  • Release Date: October 28, 2016 (limited)
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama

  • Director: Vincent Biron
  • Producer(s): Éric K. Boulianne, Hany Ouichou, Jean-Sébastien Beaudoin Gagnon, Vincent Biron
  • Writer(s): Alexandre Auger, Vincent Biron, Éric K. Boulianne, Marc-Antoine Rioux
  • Studio: FunFilm
  • Length: 1h 18m
  • Le Score Rotten Tomatoes®
    Audience Score 25%

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Experts at pranks and hoaxes that they post on the Internet, Martin and Jean-Sé need someone with a cell to video their new prank in a supermarket. Luckily, they come across Stefie. The boy, who is a little younger than them and who follows their exploits on the internet, promises to send them the video that night. For the friendless, slightly overweight teenager with braces, the meeting could mark a turning point. In fact, not long after, the two pranksters decide to incorporate him into their little group, which also includes Martin’s girlfriend, the lovely and unpredictable Leah.

But when one of their victims threatens to attack Leah, it’s Stefie, not Martin, who comes to her rescue. Emboldened by this, Stefie hopes to win Leah’s heart.


Étienne Galloy, Alexandre Lavigne, Constance Massicotte, Simon Pigeon
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