Puaada Affiche de film


  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

  • Director: Rupinder Chahal
  • Producer(s): Aman Gill, Pawan Gill
  • Writer(s): Rupinder Chahal, Anil Rodhan, Balwinder Janjua
  • Length: 2h 10m | Classification: G


PUAADA (Conflict) revolves around a lovable & exuberant man from Punjab, Jaggi (Ammy Virk) & the mesmerising girl next door, Raunak (Sonam Bajwa). Jaggi is a farmer & supplies dairy to every family in his hometown. One such family is Raunak's whose father is an Air Force Officer.

Jaggi & Raunak are in a relationship and decide to confess their love to their parents but Raunak's father disapproves of their relationship as he wanted a groom to be educated and be in the armed forces like him. He eventually agrees to meet Jaggi & his family but the twist in the tale comes when Jaggi pulls away unexpectedly.

This results to a conflict within the families often leading to hilarious situations.


Sonam Bajwa, Ammy Virk
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