Rampart Affiche de film


Rampart (v.o.a.)

  • Release Date: February 24, 2012 (limited)
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller

  • Director: Oren Moverman
  • Producer(s): Lawrence Inglee, Clark Peterson, Ben Foster, Ken Kao
  • Writer(s): James Ellroy, Oren Moverman
  • Studio: Entertainment One
  • Length: 1h 48m
  • Official Site: www.rampartmovie.com
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A genre-bending, 1990s Los Angeles police family drama, Rampart explores the dark soul and romantic misadventures of a never-changing LAPD cop (Woody Harrelson) whose past is finally catching up with him in the wake of a department-wide corruption scandal.

Along the way, he is forced to confront his disgruntled daughters (Brie Larson, Sammy Boyarsky), his two ex-wives (Anne Heche, Cynthia Nixon), a tenacious Deputy DA (Sigourney Weaver), an investigator on his trail (Ice Cube), a homeless witness to his crimes (Ben Foster), his aging mentor (Ned Beatty) and a mysterious new lover who may or may not be on his side (Robin Wright), as he fights for his own sanity and survival.


Woody Harrelson, Ned Beatty, Ben Foster, Anne Heche, Ice Cube, Cynthia Nixon, Sigourney Weaver, Robert Wisdom, Robin Wright, Steve Buscemi, Audra McDonald
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