Remember Affiche de film


  • Genre: Action, Drama

  • Director: Lee Il-Hyung
  • Length: 2h 08m


Pil-ju, a retired soldier in his 80s with dementia, goes in search of the people hebelieves to be responsible for the death of his family in the past.

With 5 namestattooed on his fingers, and pieces of his collapsing memories, Pil-ju tracks downhis target and kills them one by one. A young innocent guy In-gyu unintentionallygets involved in his revenge and eventually becomes the prime suspect of themurder that Pil-ju committed.

To prove his innocence, and to stop this old man'srush, In-gyu can't help but accompany Pil-ju's revenge journey. Yet, Pil-ju's plancomes closer to an end leaving one last person to execute... Before his memory iscompletely gone, can Pil-ju get his lifetime revenge done?


Nam Joo-hyuk
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