R.M.N. Affiche de film



It is a little before Christmas. Matthias returns from working abroad to his native multi-ethnic mountain village in Transylvania. He is worried about the education his son Rudi has been receiving from his Romanian mother, Ana, and yearns to see his Hungarian ex-lover Csilla again.

He finds his boy and the village under the shadow of a strange irrational fear and unsettlement. When the bakery that Csilla manages hires two foreign workers, deep-rooted impulses and resentments emerge, conflicts and emotions erupt and the veneer of peace in the community is shattered.


Andrei Finti, Judith State, Marin Grigore, Monica Bîrl?deanu, Orsolya Moldován, Ovidiu Cris?an, Rácz Endre, József Bíró, Ovidiu Crisan, Zoltán Deák
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