Rules Of Engagement Affiche de film

Rules Of Engagement

Les Règles Dengagement

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Colonel Terry Childers (Jackson) is a 30-year Marine veteran: a decorated officer with combat experience in Vietnam, Beirut and Desert Storm. But now, the country he served so well has put him on trial for a rescue mission that went terribly wrong.

Hayes Hodges (Jones) finds his career aspirations dashed when he's wounded in Vietnam combat. He then returns to America and becomes a lawyer.

Charged with the murder of civilians in a third world country, Chiders chooses Hodges to defend him in court, and Hodges who owes his life to Chiders is in no position to decline. Reluctantly, he takes the case but as the trial unfolds, even he begins to doubt this man who saved his life.


Tommy Lee Jones, Guy Pearce, Philip Baker Hall, Samuel L. Jackson, Kim Delaney, Ben Kingsley, Blair Underwood, Anne Archer
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