Saakini Daakini (Shakini Dakini) Affiche de film

Saakini Daakini (Shakini Dakini)

  • Genre: Action, Comedy

  • Director: Sudheer Varma
  • Producer(s): Daggubati Babu, Hyunwoo Kim, Sunitha Tati, Vamsi Bandaru, Yuvraj Karthikeyan
  • Writer(s): Akshay Poolla
  • Length: 2h 00m


Shalini and Damini, two police trainees at the Telangana State Police Academy, witness the kidnapping of a girl one night on their way home. Unable to get help from the local police and determined to rescue the girl, they set out on their own amateur investigation - only to end up unraveling a much bigger crime in play.


Regina Cassandra, Nivetha Thomas, Johnson M, Rajiv A.
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