Silence Becomes You Affiche de film

Silence Becomes You


Grace (Sienna Guillory) and Violet (Alicia Silverstone) are two beautiful sisters who live a sheltered life. Inseparable, they prefer each other’s company. They hatch a plan to bring home a man to impregnate one of them, and once the deed has been done, he will be kicked out the door.

Violet brings home Luke (Joe Anderson), a handsome, yet rugged, drifter. Relationships are not his thing, so he seems like the perfect man for the job. For the sisters it‘s important that he doesn‘t come between the two and break their special bond. Luke, however, begins to enjoy having the sisters dote on him. A person who would normally take advantage of the two vulnerable sisters, Luke soon finds his heart leading him down a different path. The calm serenity of the house is destroyed.


Alicia Silverstone, Sienna Guillory, Joe Anderson, Leigh Lawson, Melanie Giliati
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