Sneakerheads (Netflix) Affiche de film

Sneakerheads (Netflix)

  • Genre: Comedy, Television

  • Director: Dave Meyers
  • Producer(s): Andrew Bachelor, Christopher Boyd, Toby Louie
  • Writer(s): Jay Longino, Jason Belleville, Carl Tart, Kara Brown, Inny Clemons, Rose McAleese
  • Studio: Netflix
  • Official Site:


Devin (Allen Maldonado) used to be a hardcore sneakerhead, until he turned into a full-time, stay-at-home dad. After falling for one of his old friend Bobby's (Andrew Bachelor) quick money-making schemes, Devin finds himself in huge debt. To get his money back, the duo go on the hunt for the most elusive kicks in the game.


Allen Maldonado, Andrew Bachelor, Jearnest Corchado, Matthew Josten, Yaani King Mondschein, Justin Lee, Aja Evans
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