Some of My Friends

Certains de mes amis

  • Release Date: February 9, 2018 (limited)
  • Genre: Documentary

  • Director: Catherine Martin
  • Producer(s): Catherine Martin
  • Writer(s): Catherine Martin
  • Studio: Les Films du 3 mars
  • Length: 1h 55m | Classification: G
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Filmmaker Catherine Martin presents seven intimate portraits of friends in their daily lives or in their working environments. She talks to François Vincent, the artist behind the paintings that appear in her film TROIS TEMPS APRÈS LA MORT D'ANNA; neurophysiologist Marie Dumont; photographer Gabor Szilasi, to whom she dedicated her documentary L'ESPRIT DES LIEUX; puppeteer Louise Lapointe; musician Matthew Jennejohn; documentary filmmaker Ginette Lavigne, and soundman Hugo Brochu, who worked on the set of her film DANS LES VILLES. While lingering discreetly on their faces, their gestures, and the objects that surround them, Martin asks them about what fascinates them in their respective trades.

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